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For Those Eager to Leave the Familiar for the Superior

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Building a Better IC Instrument

You’re familiar with Ion Chromatography, which means you’re also familiar with the obstacles created by some IC instruments—costly consumables, poor service response, clogged or backlogged throughput… Metrohm is different. Our high-quality, reliable ion chromatography instruments are going to change the way you see IC.

See the Metrohm difference. Explore the benefits of switching below.

The main benefit is inline filtration, allowing us to speed up our sample preparation and improve the stability of the retention times.

Ramon Bouza

Lab Director, AGQ Labs

Instruments are working night and day with no problems.

Ramon Bouza

Lab Director, AGQ Labs

We have decided to go with Metrohm due to the exceptional application support we get.

Dieter Bossmann

Laboratory Manager, Bernd Kraft

They are working 24/7 the whole year.

Lledo Altava

IC Analyst, Iproma

Previously, you had to work on three different measuring systems, use three different autosamplers. Today, just one beaker, you tell the system what you want, and go.

Jules Wyss

QS Manager, Feldschloesschen