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Ease Into Automation

Automation & Ease-of-Use

Let Your Metrohm IC Work for You

Bring It Inline

Automation provides better reproducibility and increased accuracy while cutting down on sample prep time. Here’s a list of things our IC can automate so your team can spend more time on other tasks.

  • Inline Dilution – Dilute faster and more accurately with our patented 800 Dosino
  • Inline Ultrafiltration – Don’t waste time on manual filtration (it keeps your system clean!)
  • Autosamplers & Sample Processors – Automate sample handling and maximize throughput
  • Inline Preconcentration – Get reliable calibration with a single standard
  • Inline Neutralization – Say goodbye to solid phase extraction cartridges for alkaline sample analysis

All parameters are determined on the same platform with utmost flexibility.

Jules Wyss

QS Manager, Feldschloesschen

Everyone can operate this system.

Jules Wyss

QS Manager, Feldschloesschen

Learn more about how Metrohm IC can make your lab more effective and efficient.

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