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Proven Reliability

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Intelligent Design

Metrohm IC was built with intelligent components like iDetector, iPump, iColumn, and iCell that are constantly monitored to ensure the instrument is always running within the defined method and specification.

Calibration that Lasts

When the system is calibrated to your unique testing needs, it stays there, running within the set parameters for multiple injections. No need to constantly monitor the instrument—it can keep running through technician breaks and even overnight.

Patented Suppressor Technology

Our patented anion suppression technology comes with a 10-year warranty and automatically regenerates after each sample. It’s resistant to organic solvents so you don’t have to worry about contaminated or inaccurate results and its short conditioning time gets your new IC up and running in no time.

The key benefit of the Metrohm Suppressor Module is its robustness. We use it over several years without any problems.

Dieter Bossmann

Laboratory Manager, Bernd Kraft

One of the main characteristics of the instruments we like the most is their robustness and stability.

Ramon Bouza

Lab Director, AGQ Labs

They are working 24/7 the whole year.

Lledo Altava

IC Analyst, Iproma

Learn more about how Metrohm IC can make your lab more effective and efficient.

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