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Simplicity & Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

IC that Boosts Productivity

Measure most samples with no prep work. Our system brings all the sample prep—from sampling to filtration and even dilution—inline so you have more time to focus on more important work.

In-Vial Dilution

Our Dosino solvent delivery module puts the pipette directly into the system—to dilute samples more accurately and faster than ever before. It can even prioritize dilution in samples at risk of reaching their hold limits.


Say goodbye to clogged filters and decreased column life. Our unique filter technology keeps your machine cleaner, longer, so you stay up and running.

Matrix Elimination

Easily remove damaging polar matrices that contaminate results for more accurate analysis.

Yes, it is true that since we began using Metrohm instruments, we have increased our productivity per sample.

Ramon Bouza

Lab Director, AGQ Labs

The main benefit is inline filtration, allowing us to speed up our sample preparation and improve the stability of the retention times.

Ramon Bouza

Lab Director, AGQ Labs

Learn more about how Metrohm IC can make your lab more effective and efficient.

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